I have imprinted on my skin
the dark gold
of your blood in greenery
and of your scent
impregnated in my lips and in my flesh.
(Manuel Gahete)

XYXY Extra Virgin Olive Oil

XY is a premium single variety picudo olive oil, belonging to the Priego de Córdoba Protected Designation of Origin, which guarantees its quality and origin.

It is a unique product, as it comes from centenary and millenary olive trees, of the "picuda" variety located in the Sierras Subbéticas, on the outskirts of the Natural Park of the same name, where biodiversity is guaranteed by the existence of more than 1,200 species. The following species stand out for their abundance: holm oaks, gall oaks, maples, hackberry trees, wild olive trees, mastic trees, broom, rosemary...

This is the reason why XY is an oil characterised by its fluidity and fragrance, with an intense green fruitiness, with a slight taste of green apple, green almond, grass, citrus and a host of nuances...

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Tasting notes

XY is an intense and extremely complex fruity extra virgin olive oil. Very balanced in terms of bitterness / pungency.

It has a beautiful golden yellow colour, limpid, intense, with delicate green hues.

Its first aroma is broad and rounded, rich in fruity notes, always green, such as apple and banana. Alloza. But also vegetal: tomato, together with fragrant notes of basil, mint and parsley. Citrus aromas stand out (lemony herbs, green grapefruit peel, etc.).


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Our goal

Our aim is to produce a premium oil, always based on the native olive of the area, the picuda. For this reason, we maintain a centenary plantation, we use very limited chemical products, we seek the conservation of the environment and we respect tradition. And we always try to safeguard the biodiversity of the area.

Respect equals quality

Respect for the soil, the plants and the fruit means that we have to do without part of the production in favour of quality.

The agricultural work serves to encourage the growth and health of the plants that will later offer their best gift: a large, shiny, deep green olive that opens up into a round, fruity and deeply aromatic oil.

The result

It is an extremely delicate and elegant oil, internationally awarded every year. We leave a record of this on our Instagram

XY es una marca D.O.P. "Priego de Córdoba"

XY belongs to the Priego de Córdoba Protected Designation of Origin, the most awarded designation of origin at national and international level.

Logo denominacion de origen priego de cordoba

X 37º North, a family business.

X 37 Grados Norte, S.L. is a family company rooted for generations in the world of olive oil and olive groves, with its headquarters and base in Priego de Córdoba, the place that gives its name to the oil itself, given that X 37º 32' N; Y 4º 19' W, are the coordinates of this area of Córdoba.

The Land

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The area where we are located offers a variety and richness of species. This environmental richness, which we safeguard with good agricultural practices, plus the DNA of ancient specimens, belonging to a traditional olive grove, cultivated at altitude and dry farming, guarantee a quality production, framed within the framework of sustainable development.

We venerate these autochthonous and immemorial specimens, but also responsible traditions that respect nature. We love the landscape and at the same time we offer a healthy and high quality product.